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Criminal Defense &
Appellate Advocacy

Benjamin L. Coleman Law PC
1350 Columbia Street, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101

My office is located near the Little Italy area of downtown San Diego, close to the courthouses and a short drive from the airport. If you are seeking to contact me by email for potential representation in a pending case, it is helpful to provide which court your case is in and your case number so that I can review the docket. If you are seeking to contact me on behalf of someone in federal prison, you may advise the potential client that I receive emails on the corrlinks system, which is often the most efficient way to communicate. Please remember that the prison generally monitors all communications. For the many potential clients seeking pro bono representation, I do take the time to read your correspondence, but I cannot always respond; I am only able to consider a select few pro bono cases, generally ones involving important legal issues where I believe I can make a difference.